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Al Roda for export Agriculture products is a premium-fresh healthy product of fresh fruits and vegetable producer based in Delta Egypt, since it was established in 2008, RODA® has been constantly leveraging its diverse
portfolio of fresh produce by some of the most successful growers in Egypt. These agriculture experts have been, for well over a decade, successfully implementing cutting-edge tech., in their businesses. While RODA®
offers a diverse range of fresh produce, there are few lines that are particularly popular, namely: Citrus, Pomegranates, onions, potatoes, and fresh vegetables.
We take great pride in assisting our partner’s businesses in delivering top-quality produce in respectable timeframes. Our customers include fresh produce wholesalers and traders, retail food chains, restaurant chains,
and retailers


RODA® specializes in premium-fresh produce exportation worldwide. We are a strong team of agricultural experts who take pride in globally promoting a long line of the finest possible farm products available on the
market today.


We believe that Egypt was the food basket of the ancient world and our future is bright with our fertile lands and the hands of its sons and our aspiration to the global competition, we wish to contribute to societies that
enjoy enhanced livelihood as a result of fair and ethical growth and trade in fresh produce. In order to turn our vision into a viable reality and encourage a healthy food environment on a global level, we intend to expand
our services globally and take an active part in this exciting agriculture revolution.
defying all the circumstances that our world is going through from rapid developments taking the causes and all the reasons provided by peaceful scientific solutions to turn our vision into reality.


We aim to achieve sustainable agriculture while ensuring that fresh produce trade around the world is traded within international standards and procedures and in a cost-effective manner. Our strongest incentive is to
align with today's number one consumer trend – fresher and healthier foods that are nutritionally free and chemical. By applying the strictest standards of agriculture and harvesting using the highest farming and
fertilization management systems away from use of deadly pesticides.
RODA® workforce possesses a wide range of in-house skills and includes commercial executives, import-export specialists, marketing and sales management, business development management, warehouse and
logistics staff. RODA® embraces and promotes innovative, responsible farming and business practices

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