6 high-chambers of racks pallets system equipped with high technology machines automatic and manual machines for handle and storage over 1000 tons citrus fruits and veggies

Refrigerated storage of a variety of vegetables including Apple, Pomegranates, potatoes, and carrots


Our facility has the capacity to store 1800 high cube pallets with 800 high cube cold treatment slots.

Since then, we are proud to say that we were able to grow into the facility we are currently. As the only inland cold room in our territory approved to do Phytosanitary inspections, we as FFC cold rooms can now offer the
following services

- Precooling and Handling of all non-special markets Citrus and table Grapes,

- Precooling of a special market of Citrus and Grapes including China, Taiwan, Indonesia, Kenya and Mauritius to name a few

- Storage of various veggies referring to multiple storage spaces

- Storage inspectors with experience in temperature control and storage time throughout the fruits shelf life, work regularly during storage periods for the special markets

Temperature management is important throughout the period between harvest and consumption in order to maintain good product quality. Cooling practices provide marketing flexibility by making it possible to market
produce at the optimum time and over longer distances.

The duration of cooling and pre-cooling depends on the temperature. The storage life of citrus fruits is highly variable and related to the respiration rate; there is an inverse relationship between respiration rate and storage
life in citrus fruits.

Citrus fruits can be stored at 5-9°C.


. Construction features

Our loading bay which forms part of our cold rooms
ensures that pallets are loaded into reefer containers
as quickly as possible, maintaining our strict
temperature protocols while doing so. All part of our
quest for fruit excellence, ensuring our product
reaches our customers as quickly and as fresh as

Market suitability

On top of this, our facility is also capable of complying
with the cold treatment protocols for markets such as
China, Japan, Thailand, Taiwan, Bangladesh, Kenya,
and India, with strict phytosanitary requirements.

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