Cucurbita moschata

Cucurbita moschata medium to large in size, averaging 30-45 cm in diameter and weighing 15-20 pounds, and is round with a squat, flattened shape and a sturdy, light brown stem. The smooth rind is deeply lobed with prominent ribbing and transforms from a dark green to a rich light-brown to tan when mature. The bright orange flesh is thick, firm, and fine-textured encasing a small central cavity that contains some pulp and flat, cream-colored seeds. When cooked, Fairytale pumpkins are smooth, creamy, and tender with a spicy scent and a mild, sweet flavor. 


Size  L & M 
Av. Weight  7.5 kg to 13 kg  
Shape  Unform Tarpon, Yellowish to Orange skin with dark stripes  
Color  Orange Flesh 
Flavor   Sweet 
Seeds  A lot of Seeds 
Shelf Life  Long