Fruit is medium to large (6-8cm in diameter), round with smooth skin. Skin thickness is 4mm and is not difficult to remove. Skin color is red-orange and almost ‘glossy’ in
appearance. Fruit will hang on the tree for a long period without an obvious deterioration in external appearance. Very good flavor with little rag and a sugar: acid ratio which has received favorable comments
from preliminary taste testing. Acid levels do not decline significantly as the fruit ages on the tree. This helps to maintain flavor over a long period. The internal characteristics can be explained by the parentage of
Daisy. Fremont (clementine x Ponkan mandarin) is an early, sweet mandarin. Fortune (clementine x Dancy mandarin), is a very late, high acid mandarin type and the blending of these two have produced an
early/mid-season, good quality mandarin. Seed number ranges from 15-20 per fruit. Segments separate easily.