Guavas, AKA Apple guavas received its name because its coloring is so similar to that of a green apple, with hues of lemon and lime. The fruit is roughly spherical with a furrowed smooth surface. The most alluring element of a Guava is its fragrance, a bouquet of bright tropical aromatics. The flesh is unique to many fruits, its texture a combination of a firm banana with the succulence of an apple.


Egypt guavas are native to tropical Africa. The small roundish fruits are roughly 7cm in diameter and have a pale-yellow skin often with a red blush. Cream guavas have a creamy white flesh that is thick and aromatic. The small fruits have a small seed cavity that holds a handful of soft, edible seeds. Cream guavas are sweet, with a classic tropical flavor, and offers aromas of pineapple and passion fruit.


Size L & M
Av. Weight 50 g to 120 g
Shape Pear shape, Yellow Soft Smooth skin
Color White Flesh
Flavor Classic Sweet tropic
Seeds Small seeds
Shelf Life Suitable