Honey Murcott

Common name sometime “Spanish” back the origin and sometime “Honey” for his sweetness* also by W. Murcott in diffident places, Fruit is medium to large depending on the extent of fruit thinning. The skin is
very smooth and can be prone to marking and suturing. The color is orange to deep orange. Fruit can be held on the tree for an extended period of time (>2 months) without significant deterioration, although
“winey” flavors develop in very late fruit. The shape and smoothness of the fruit and tight adherence of the thin skin (3.5mm) make it difficult to peel. The variety has good flavor with amongst the highest brix
levels found in commercial mandarins. Acid levels can be excessive in some early season fruit, and conversely fruit can be too sweet for some palates late in the season. High seed numbers (10-15/fruit) are a
distinct disadvantage with this variety, the variety has a high juice content (around 49%), with segments that are moderately easy to separate.

* Note that the word “honey” is applied to this and other citrus varieties more for marketing purposes than because they actually taste
like honey

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