Hybrid Varieties – Fresh Consumption

Often, they have large fruits of medium hardness to soft, ranging in color from dark red to greenish reddish, including, for example, the varieties: 

Floraide – Super MarmandSuperstrain B hybrid – Vakolta 38 – Saria Superard – Jawaher – Atlas Pride – Berlin – Star Valley – 802 th (Jasmine) – Furbella – Heba – Goldstone – Sicilian Marinda – Beefsteak  

It is preferable in this group to collect its fruits before the completion of the coloring, as their storage capacity is somewhat low, the shapes of the fruits are often round, flat or pear, and the percentage of total soluble solids ranges between 4-4.5 and it is juicy with a larger number of chambers 4-7. 


Size  4.0 cm to 8.0 cm 
Av. weight  90gr up 225gr 
Color  Outer Dark & light red – inner Dark & light red  
Skin Thickness   Meaty and think Flesh 
TSS  4.0 ~4.5 % According to variety  
Acidity   High