Hybrid varieties – Industrial Purposes

ften the fruits are medium in size to small – and the square, round, oval, pear and elongated shapes are preferred because they are more durable and suitable for canning, and the color of the fruits should be dark red – thick flesh – high in solids and acidity, including, for example, Yossi 97 varieties – Peto 86 – Hybrid Heinz 2710 – Heinz 8704 – Brigid hybrid, Madeier hybrid – Franmo hybrid – The total soluble solids ratio ranges between 5.5-7 and the number of its chambers is 2-4. 


There are some hybrids and dual-purpose varieties that are suitable for fresh consumption and manufacture, such as the Superstrain B, Castle Rock, Betopride Hybrid, Super Strain B Hybrid, Marwa Hybrid and Elisa Hybrid. 


Size  4.0 cm to 8.0 cm 
Av. weight  90gr up 225gr 
Color  Outer Dark red – inner Dark red  
Skin Thickness   Thick Flesh 
TSS  5.5 ~7.0 % According to variety  
Acidity   High