PRIME® Seedless

PRIME® Seedless Grape is an early-season green grape with round, medium-sized berries. The fruit has good sugar levels and a mild muscat flavor.

Prime® Seedless
Harvest Early – May
Color White “Light Green”
Features Thin skin berry, juicy
Brix 14 to 18° Brix
Size 16 – 22 mm
Seeds Seedless            
ABW. 250 to 500 g

    PRIME® Seedless Grape

    Prime seedless is the earliest commercial seedless export variety. It was developed by the Volcani institute in the Zionist entity that holds the patent. Royalties are to be paid on the vines as well as on each carton of grapes.


    This … Why you buy from us?


    It is provided fresh-cut from farms to you with the best modern cultivation methods


    Fine select for grape berries and bunches of color, Brix, during Pick, Prepare.


    applies all applicable International and European standards


    Highly trained craftsman hands in picking, selection, transportation, and handling in the best and darkest conditions


    PRIME® Seedless Grape

    • MATURITY Early ripening cultivar (7-10 days before Superior)
    • COLOR White “Green”.
    • BERRY SKIN White
    • BERRY SHAPE Elongated berry
    • FLESH White
    • STRUCTURE Crispy
    • BRIX The optimum maturity is 16°B.
    • BERRIES Sizes 6.0 g up 12.0 g with (GA) dipping.

    Minimum requirements berries must be:
    normally developed


    Average weight 250 ~500 g

    Bunches and berries must be:
    sound; produce affected by rotting or deterioration such as to make it unfit for consumption is excluded
    clean, practically free of visible foreign matter
    practically free from pests
    practically free from damage caused by pests
    free of abnormal external moisture
    free of any foreign smell and/or taste


    Carton: (Corrugated carton – 1935/2014/EC – 72/2002/EC up to Amendment 19/2004/EC
    711/82/EEC (as amended by 8/93/EEC & 48/97/EC)

    1- Loose Carton: 5.0 kg N.W. Carton.

    2- Carry bags: (Zip Handle Bags Vented – Saddle Pack Vented Slide Seal Bag – pouch bag with vent holes and handle) 4.5 kg N.W. Carton.  (9 Bags * 500 grams).

    3- Punnets: (Virgin PET Punnet with high-quality clear plastic, punnet available with a clamp shell) 5.0 kg N.W. Carton.  (10 punnets * 500 grams).

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    The development and condition of the table grapes must be such as to enable them:
    to withstand transportation and handling
    to arrive in satisfactory condition at the place of destination