RODA and FFC packhouses is proud to be part of RODA Exports under the FFC Group of companies. FFC farm was established in 2008 in located in Badr Center, Behera Government a desert reclaimed area that is almost 100 km from Alexandria Port, this area is known as farms motherland, and it offers definitely perfect conditions for the growing of citrus, among other crops. The soil is rich and there is an ample supply of water from the nearby Rashed branch of the river Nile. Together, the farms are provided with water to maintain thousands of hectares of potential citrus growing land.

The open-ended partnership with Nobaria Farms for natural and organic fruit and supports us always to provide and delivered the highest levels of veggies to the European and global markets, all practices come from highly experienced hands one of the oldest farms located in the heart of the newly reclaimed land, which often comes with all Valencia’s and veggies.

It is here that we grow and nurture hundreds of thousands of citrus trees to ultimately offer up batches of beautiful Navels, Valencia, Lemon, Clementine, as well as Grapes and Mango, that are distributed to the furthest corners of the globe.

For organic food you ask for get the offers and more information about!

  • 200 Ha. Navel and Valencia Orange
  • 80 Ha. Eureka and Adalia Lemon
  • 80 Ha. Murcott Mandarin and Clementine
  • 20 Ha. Grapefruits
  • 40 Ha. Pomegranate
  • 20 Ha. Guava
  • 20 Ha. Peaches
  • 45 Ha. Tablet grapes
  • 40 Ha. Keith, Kent Naomi Mango
  • 10 Ha. Lime
  • 15 Ha. Carrot
  • 20 Ha. Garlic
  • 15 Ha. Onion
  • 15 Ha Sweet Potato

Farm Practices

1. All growers and pickers associated with RODA is trained expertise.
2. Pickers use best tools in cutting fruits.
3. Citrus fruit picked early morning in non-sunny weather, the fruits are left to ventilate and get rid of moisture for two hours before loading to the packinghouse in the field.
4. Citrus fruit picked according rind maturity after check ready of harvest (colors and sizes).
5. Citrus fruits treated gently and collected softly to the pick box.

All farm practices are applied to Global G.A.P and GRASP

The packinghouse is in the middle of the farm, providing the best services from the farm without much difficulty in transporting fresh fruit

Farm Practices
Farm Practices
Farm Practices
Farm Practices

Think big

One of Nile Delta’s largest citrus landowners and shareholders and farm managers, with citrus orchids holdings in four
different counties throughout the citrus belt.



Roda Certifications

Roda is Global GAP certified and Sedex member with
excellent annual scoring on all food safety audits,
including at the Roda controlled farms.



Roda Orchards

Started in 2008, Roda Citrus, manages and operates all
aspects of over 15,000 acres of citrus production. We are
proud Delta's fruit shippers.



Roda Acquisitions

Roda Citrus, is currently expanding its citrus holdings by
acquiring actively producing orchards and has future plans
to further increase its fruit.

All packinghouse practices applied with ISO & BRC & HACCP

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