As a purposive partnership between RODA® and FFC secures reach the delivery of the highest levels of production of packaged citrus with a daily production capacity of approximately 300 tons of citrus 2000 tons per week and 4 million boxes with 2 million orange boxes annually as a major export product of various packages and weights on demand.

Packinghouse Practices and treatments

1. Degreening room with ethylene

Many types of Citrus Fruits, including lemons, grapefruit, oranges, and tangerines, can be Degreening by exposure to 1-10 ppm ethylene for 1-3 days. The temperature at which Degreening should occur is in the range of 68
to 86°F (20 to 30°C).

2. Row feeding stage

3. Preselection table manually before citrus goes automatically process

Surge control, leaf elimination, Pre-size, Pre-grade

4. Automatically process line

  • Washing line stage
  • Wetting “High-pressure Spraying washing machine
  • Sudsing “Bubbling Clean”
  • Washing “Hot water treatment”
  • Water Sterilization System “Immersing Sterilization & Spraying fungicide”
  • Polishing stage by the special brushes’ unit
  • Dryer “Heat tunnel dryer”
  • Waxing Machine "Spraying wax”
  • Electronic sorter line stage
  • Coloring sorter “16 color grader scanner system”
  • Size sorter “Global scanning System”
  • Electronic weighting system
  • Appearance defect sorter “Holographic data System’
  • Internal quality sorter

5. Manually filing different packages

The diversity in the markets expands the circle of interest in the field of citrus, so we certainly offer all kinds of different packaging according to customers' taste of cartons, plastic boxes, and netting bags in all export sizes.
We, in cooperation with developed and international companies for the manufacture of carton and plastic boxes, as well as advertisement prints are completely free of any materials that may harm the safety and health of
food and consequently the health of consumers.
GMO Free certified

6. Labeling

. Labeling
Each package on packing line must be stickered at first row of fruit by brand name or logo and cover by tissue paper according to customer's request.
Each package on the production line, after being close with adhesive tape, its content is defined by placing an identification label on table printed on each package for the ORIGIN/VARIETY/ CLASS/SIZE
Traceability service is one of the important matters in the global markets and it is available for all our products upon request .

7. Palletizing

One of largest fresh fruit packinghouse in Delta Nile

RODA & FCC Citrus is Delta’s best full service, food safety certified, one-site packer and shipper of the highest quality
Delta citrus fruit.


Exceptional Standards


Roda's utilizes digital technology to ensure citrus quality,
natural waxing for superior post-harvest protection and
heat-minimizing drying for optimal dehydration control.


Superior Facility


Our state-of-the-art packinghouse has the capacity to pack
and ship 1,000,000 cartons or boxes of citrus fruit annually


Unrivaled Care and Safety


From our orchids, to our facilities, to our suppliers, Roda
handles fresh Egyptian citrus with the upmost safety and

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