This is in line with European and International global standards of safety and health, supported by quality certificates from farms and packhouses.
We are a progressive organization with a strong track record in fresh produce delivery worldwide, we deal with our partners in local and international logistics and refrigerated shipping business


The company is managed by highly skilled professionals Mr. Mohamed Khairat and Mr. Hisham Ramadan, and their priorities are integrity, quality, service, people, passion and commitment to ensure the provision of the
appropriate atmosphere to provide the highest service to our customers,

Ethical trade Standards

We support ethical awareness and continuous improvement of labor conditions.

At our partners Farms and Packinghouse, the conditions for workers packing and harvesting the produce they supply is extremely important to us and respecting their human rights is at the core of our business.
Our aim is that all workers employed within the farming and packing operations across our supply chain are employed fairly, treated with dignity and their human rights are respected.
To enable us to assess social compliance within our supply chain we use the global ethical data exchange platform GRASP

GRASP administration helps us to understand sustainability practices including working conditions and to assess management practices employed within the packhouses and fields of our supply partners. It also provides support and enables
us to act and identify opportunities for improvement.

Ethical trade provides an assurance to our consumers that the working conditions of all the members of our supply chain comply with acceptable national standards. By complying with Egypt labor laws, we comply to the
international ethical Code requirement applied and certified by GRASP

Natural food Supply Standards

Powerful of trade performance with updated data base always for the past 13 years, we’ve traveled the whole land of Egypt in search of premium high fruit quality and vegetables in Egypt. That was the Result Fresh Healthy,
Sweetest Tasty as slogan of our quality products

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